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Oregon Law Enforcement Profiling Complaint Form

This form is for individuals filing profiling complaints on any law enforcement agency, policy or officer.  Before filing a profiling complaint intake, you should read through the following frequently asked questions.
Profiling Complaint Frequently Asked Questions

Filing a Complaint of Profiling in Oregon

Oregon House Bill 2002, signed into law on July 13, 2015, authorizes the LECC to initiate profiling complaints against Oregon law enforcement received from the general public. 


There are 3 ways you can file a complaint:


  1. Online:  If you wish to file a profiling complaint please fill out our online complaint intake form below, which will be sent to the LECC staff at

  2. Mail:  You can also mail the completed form to:

    Law Enforcement Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee
    P.O. Box 751
    Portland, OR 97204

    You may print out a complaint form from the following language options:



  3. Phone:  You can start a profiling complaint intake by calling LECC staff at 503-725-5221.

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