Using data and experience to influence policing policy that will create equitable outcomes for all Oregonians

The Law Enforcement Contacts Policy & Data Review Committee (LECC) receives and analyzes demographic data to ensure that law enforcement agencies perform their missions without inequitable or unlawful discrimination based on race, color or national origin.

The LECC recognizes that biased policing, whether actual or perceived, impacts relationships between marginalized communities and law enforcement agencies.  In order to foster relationships within the community, the LECC has taken a multi-pronged approach led by committees in order to assure equitable outcomes.


The LECC furnishes and publishes a wide variety of free and publicly available reports.  These include annual reports, meeting minutes and training evaluations.  

Oregon House Bill 2002 signed into law on July 13, 2015, authorizes the LECC to initiate profiling complaints against Oregon law enforcement received from the general public. 


Before filing a profiling complaint intake, you should read through our frequently asked questions.



Access to agency anti-profiling policy and agency complaint forms.  Portal for law enforcement agencies to submit annual complaint certification and summary report forms.


The LECC currently sponsors two curricula for Oregon Law Enforcement that address implicit bias, 4th and 14th Amendment, the distinction between Criminal Profiling and Racial Profiling, and other important topics focused on equitable policing for all.


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The Law Enforcement Contacts Policy & Data Review Committee


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